RBA boxed in

posted 21 Jul 2017, 15:48 by Ronald Bewley

The RBA made a mess of its statement by nominating 3.5% as the neutral rate. They're trying to hose down the negative sentiment that caused. Read our take in the Weekly we just posted

Onwards and upwards

posted 14 Jul 2017, 15:27 by Ronald Bewley

Commodity prices and the SPI futures are up. Is this rally set to continue? See our take in the Weekly we just published.

Subtle changes cause market reaction

posted 7 Jul 2017, 15:57 by Ronald Bewley

Central banks are perceived as turning hawkish - so what does that mean for our markets. We just posted our Weekly on this topic under the Market Updates tab.

Happy New Financial Year

posted 30 Jun 2017, 14:41 by Ronald Bewley

This next one could be a ripper. Find out our take in the Weekly just posted.
Additional papers will be posted over this weekend

Amazon ate my homework

posted 23 Jun 2017, 15:30 by Ronald Bewley

With all of the talk about Amazon, soon kids will be using them as their new homework excuse. It will take ages for things to happen on that front but increasingly we are steering clear of sectors likely to be distressed. Read about it in the Weekly we just posted.

The employment conundrum

posted 16 Jun 2017, 15:40 by Ronald Bewley

There's something fishy with our Labour force data. We ust posted our take under the Market Updates tab.

Will we drive into the end of the FY?

posted 9 Jun 2017, 16:52 by Ronald Bewley

With lots now behind us, read what we think we need to do gang forward. We just posted the Weekly under Market Updates.

Fed decision now interesting

posted 2 Jun 2017, 16:00 by Ronald Bewley

The latest US jobs data throws a cat among the pigeons. We just posted our Weekly and monthly - as well as updated versions of what did they say and how are we going under the Year ahead section of Market Updates.

Shiller thinks markets could rise another 50%!

posted 26 May 2017, 16:05 by Ronald Bewley

Is Bob right? Things are goo. But read our take in the Weekly we just posted.

Have the banks been oversold?

posted 19 May 2017, 15:33 by Ronald Bewley

We take a look at the banking sector in our Weekly that we just posted on the Market Updates tab.

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