2,500 sticks

posted 22 Sep 2017, 15:08 by Ronald Bewley

Wall Street holds above 2,500 all week - an we took some profits! Read our analysis in the Weekly we just posted on the Market Updates tab

S&P 500 breaks 2,500 for first time

posted 15 Sep 2017, 15:14 by Ronald Bewley

There was some good news around. Read our take in the Weekly we just posted under market updates

Quiet week

posted 8 Sep 2017, 13:05 by Ronald Bewley

Although out market slipped last week - like most others - it was orderly. We might need North Korea to sort itself out before we charge ahead again.

Forecasts strengthen

posted 1 Sep 2017, 12:28 by Ronald Bewley

Its not been a bad week. Back to Sydney for next Saturday - and normality

How low can vol go?

posted 25 Aug 2017, 12:46 by Ronald Bewley

We're ready for a breakout.See our Weekly under Market Updates

Not a bad week

posted 18 Aug 2017, 12:34 by Ronald Bewley

Economic data fine - other news not so 

North Korea slows us down

posted 12 Aug 2017, 01:36 by Ronald Bewley

Its obvious - but that's the way it is on the markets at the moment. Read our take in our Weekly just posted. 

The view from England

posted 5 Aug 2017, 01:53 by Ronald Bewley

Arrived safely but without suitcase. All good now and market looks solid. Our Weekly has just been posted - at least!

Don't worry about yesterday!

posted 28 Jul 2017, 15:30 by Ronald Bewley

All is still going to plan - its just that the journey has some bumps along the way. See our take in the Weekly we just posted on the Market Updates page.

RBA boxed in

posted 21 Jul 2017, 15:48 by Ronald Bewley

The RBA made a mess of its statement by nominating 3.5% as the neutral rate. They're trying to hose down the negative sentiment that caused. Read our take in the Weekly we just posted

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