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Series on Superannuation changes

Paper #1 What price a pollies' pension? (June 1, 2016) 

Paper #2 How much should the super cap be? (June 8, 2016)

Paper #3 Can one save $1.6m for retirement? (June 27, 2016)


Professional Planner - last update 10 January 2017 - over 70 articles we have had published in one of the leading industry magazines on how Woodhall implements investment strategies (since February 2009 to February 2017)

Prospects for 2014 (1 Jan 2014) - an analysis of 2013 on the ASX 2013 and some ideas for 2014

Market turmoil (28 May 2013) - why did our market take its worst beating in 18 months? See also an interview on Switzer TV from 27 May. The slide pack from that interview can be found here.


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