Investment Strategies


Articles in this section are directed towards a discussion of various investment strategies and demonstrating how they compare to alternatives. As such, these papers are much less time sensitive than Market Updates that more quickly lose relevance - other than for checking track records. Interested readers might also like to browse our articles that have appeared in magazines - under In the Media - as most of these focus on strategy.

New post - June 12 on how to build a portfolio

Woodhall Diary - updated collection of reports on Ron's portfolios published elsewhere - LATEST  23 JUNE 2015  
Sector Reviews : Round II - in progress - a revolving review of the ASX 200 sectors
Sector Reviews: Round I - completed 16 April 2013 - a revolving review of ASX 200 sectors
Annuities and Risk in Retirement (14 June 2012) - in this paper we take a look at a different way of thinking about asset allocation.
Wall Street Connections No 1 (1 August 2011) - this is the forerunner of the monthly series of the same name - which we post under Market Updates - that reports on linkages between the S&P 500 and the Australian market. We discuss the exuberance methodology and compare it to the measure we use for the ASX 200.
Why try to forecast the stockmarket? (2 February 2011) - forecasts of the market cannot be accurate - so why do we make them? We articulate three important reasons for making forecasts.
Aussie Fear (22 September 2011)  - we compare Woodhall's ASX 200 Fear Index with the new "Aussie VIX" (S&P ASX VIX) index.