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    Posted 17 Sept 2021, 15:38 by Ronald Bewley
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    Posted 3 Sept 2021, 14:33 by Ronald Bewley
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Executive Director - Ron Bewley, PhD, FASSA

Dr Ron Bewley was Professor of Econometrics at UNSW from 1993 until he was invited to join the Commonwealth Bank in 2002 to found a Quantitative Research & Investment Strategy team. After researching across most asset classes in global markets, risk and strategy, he was appointed as the foundation Chief Investment Officer in CBA’s Private Client Services in 2007. He retired from the bank in 2009 and formed Woodhall Investment Research in the following year.

In his first book, Allocation Models, he presented a unified econometric approach for analysing relationships that allocate aggregates across their component parts - as in wealth being allocated across asset classes. He published over 50 academic papers on a variety of theoretical and applied econometric topics. He held a number of visiting academic positions in the US, UK and Europe. Ron was elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in 1995. He also consulted to a number of major companies and government departments.

At Woodhall, Ron has combined his academic and markets experiences to produce cutting-edge solutions for implementing investment strategies in equities and other asset classes.

Woodhall Investment Research

Woodhall Investment Research was formed to provide research support for professionals in the industry: fund managers, financial planning groups, brokers and bankers. We develop presentations on the state of the market or an aspect of investment strategy; tools and models to better understand and deal with market behaviour; equity portfolio construction and structured equity products.

In the wider econometric and statistical sense, we have consulting and expert witness experience across a broad range of topics including finance, trade practices, marketing and macroeconomic policy.